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Work culture to me means that everyone in the office holds a set of values that mesh together to create a special setting specific to that work place. Culture is not the people in the workplace itself, but rather the values that these people hold and how they interact with one another. Work culture is important to me because it allows people to express themselves as individuals and it allows them to contribute the most to the work environment. To my employer, work culture is how the entire office functions. Once you emerge yourself into the work atmosphere for a few weeks you start to get a feel for how the work culture plays a part in the office. The dynamics of a work place function because of the work culture. My ideal work culture would consist of a diverse group of people from different backgrounds that could contribute inputs from every different side of the spectrum. In addition, ideally my work culture would consist of individuals who enjoy working together and being social. It is hard to work in an office sitting at a desk all day and stay connected with others around you. In my growth as a professional I understand that going forward I will not always be placed in my ideal work setting, but as long as I know what my ideal work culture could be, I will aim for that.

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