Blog Post 4: Halfway Point

As I had written towards the beginning of my internship, my goals were to network and make as many connections as possible. I feel as though I am working hard towards this goal and I am being successful. I have attained many business cards while meeting many different people who work throughout the criminal justice system, including lawyers, judges, probation officers, and even special agents. As I reach the halfway point of my internship I feel as though this goal accurately describes my experience and with only a few weeks left I would like to continue to network. I am doing well at setting a good impression for my fellow workers and my supervisors. What I would like to work on is my ability to handle multiple projects at once. An area that I am weak in is multi-tasking. In this field, you have a case load of at least 60 different offenders. It is easy to be distracted and lose track of the task at hand. When I am working I would like to finish each case load one at a time instead of working on many different cases at once. Because being a U.S probation officer is a strenuous job, the skill of multi-tasking is vital.

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