Blog Post 6

My experience working in sales has confirmed my path towards working in a retail company in sales. I believe the path I will pursue in the future will relate to business and my strong interest in fashion, and working for the luxury department store sales department stores confirmed my interest.

I now have a greater understanding of the role of sales. I now understand sales is not only tactical, but also heavily relies on relationships and people. Sales is forecasting, sell in, sell out, and analyzing big data. But looking at numbers does not tell the full story behind data. Maintaining a strong relationship with customers and understanding the customer allows us to further understand the data behind our sales.


The aspects of the role that excite me are how the role is very cross functional, as I worked with many people from different departments including sales operations and trade marketing. This area excites me as my role is not isolated to one department, but rather a very collaborative role.


Considering my next steps, I have learned to look at retail in a very different lense. Brick and mortar stores and luxury department stores are the highest visible channel, but are losing sales to online shopping. Therefore, if I want to work for a retail business in the future, I need to consider the structure of retail in the future. I believe we are moving towards an online shopping sphere, and taking technology or information classes will prepare me for any role in sales or retail, as these types of classes will teach me skill that I can apply to any job in the future.


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