BYE BOB! Learning about leadership Blog #2

On Friday we had to say goodbye to our dear friend Bob, who will be working at a news agency as their editor. Bob was one of the employees here at the Department of Transportation, and was the second non-intern that I met here. I got to know him more when we all (Erin, Bob, Kenny, Rebecca, and I) went to lunch at a Korean place down the street. He told us so many different stories that he has done in his life. Some examples are traveling to Spain and other parts of the world. From hiking mountains to swim in the hot springs with his family to transcribing messages in Afghanistan. Bob is what I would call an OG.

I am happy he reached out to us (interns) and got to know us. This is what leadership is all about. It is about humbling yourself and getting to know the people you are working with. Even though we were all in different points of our lives that did not stop Bob from being welcoming. This is what I want to bring back to college. I want to practice getting to know other students who are at different times of their lives. Sometimes I get so caught up in what people my age and a little older are doing that I forget about the freshmen that are probably struggling with home sickness or adapting. This will be useful because I will be an RA this coming school year.

On his last week, he went out to lunch many times with his other co-workers, because Bob is the type of guy that makes people feel comfortable in their own skin. Good luck with everything Bob!

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  • July 24, 2017 at 3:37 pm

    That is a great point Chelsie! Getting to know the people you are working with is vital and so rewarding. You may never know how you can change someones life and inspire them or vice versa!


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