Department of Justice – Office for Civil Rights – #3

This week I am going to be placing my project with regards to developing the new FAQs for the EEOP website on the backburner, as I focus my work on reviewing EEO Utilization Reports.

EEO Utilization Reports are reports that should be created by any organization which receives more than $25,000 from the DOJ, has more than 50 employees, and is not a non-profit, Indian tribe, or an educational or medical institution. The report includes information about underutilized populations in the organization’s workforce, and asks the organization to reflect on these underutilizations and develop a plan to remedy them in detail. It is so interesting seeing first-hand how the government actually works to create fair and equal employment.

As I’ve gotten to know my coworkers we’ve begun working with better efficiency as well as had more fun while doing so. I look forward to the remaining 4 weeks of my internship!

Felipe Munoz

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