Do it for the Culture!

The culture of my workplace at Osborn Neighborhood Alliance is something special and it is very important to me. It is similar to my culture at home but different in some ways as well. Similar because we share similar experiences and the people I work with for the most part all look like me (i.e. Black). They are also all from Detroit. When observing certain issues in Osborn such as urban blight I am not shocked because I have grown up around blight all of my life. But when observing how tight knit of a community Osborn is, that’s when the culture differs from my own culture. Though I was born and raised in Detroit, my neighborhood on the westside of Detroit had a completely different culture than the Osborn community. The members in my community were not nearly as supportive and tight knit as the members of the Osborn community. The culture of my workplace is so passionate. Everyone in the Osborn community you can tell, loves their community deeply and works hard in order to see it thrive. The people in this community work and fight for a major cause. It is an honor to work with such an ambitious community!. The Osborn culture is truly something amazing and the kids in the community play a very large role. They are all so engaged and willing to help in anyway possible.Also the Black small owned businesses and artistic designs fills the Osborn community and creates a home for all! The culture is beautiful and I am happy to experience it!

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