First Week on the Job – #1

Describe your internship and what drew you to this opportunity

This has been my first week at Clean Water Action based in Ann Arbor and I was blessed to find it. My internship I had set up this summer canceled on me last minute and in a frantic search I saw this opportunity at Clean Water Action. I’ve heard about Clean Water Action in the past and all the amazing work they do for the environment and empowering communities. As a political science and environment major, it would be hard to find a better job. This summer we are currently working on decommissioning the Canadian oil pipeline, Enbridge Line 5 before we have a spill in our Great Lakes. Being from Michigan and growing up loving the Great Lakes, Line 5 is an issue I feel particularly passionate about. I work as a community organizer canvaasing for this issue through our signature page, fundraiser, and postcard campaign. We work to empower communities in Michigan to protect our biggest fresh water source. Alongside this, I’m getting to learn a lot more about how local politics work and sit on some pretty cool guest lectures. This week Jason Frenzel, Ann Arbor’s 1st Ward councilman and the Stewardship Coordinator for the nonprofit Huron River Watershed, came in and discussed water quality in Ann Arbor, amongst other things. Canvassing can be hard work but it makes it easy when you’re doing it for something you really believe it and have the good training that Clean Water Action provides.

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