Foot in the Door | #2

After months of trying to land an opportunity in the nation’s capital, I received an internship to work in my congressman’s Washington, D.C. office. Upon receiving the offer to intern in D.C., I was incredibly humbled to be offered a chance to begin (what I hope will be) just the start of my career in public service. While I am unsure as to which path within public service and law I believe is the best fit for me, I am excited to be offered the opportunity to experience first-hand the inner workings of the legislative branch.

I am not sure what to expect to completely come out of this internship. I am not sure who I will meet and what specific areas I will contribute to, but I hope to utilize this experience as a way to hone in on my knowledge of current policy issues and how the government operates on a federal level.

On top of my internship itself, I am also incredibly excited to live in Washington, D.C. When I first visited D.C. in high school, I was blown away by the sense of history and beauty within the city. Since then, I have always wanted to live in the capital. Now I finally have the opportunity to do so, and I cannot wait to see what it all holds.

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