Halfway Done #4

My two original goals were to learn the ins and outs of the public relations process and to step out of my comfort zone to meet and help different people around the office. So far, I am successfully working to achieve both of these goals. Although I have not fully achieves success with these goals, I am still working hard at them and they are good goals to strive for. I pretty much know how the public relations process works from attending an event to a press release being sent out, but there are still many factors for me to learn about. As for meeting and helping different people around the office, I have not had much free time to do this, but I have a few times when I do find myself with downtime. I look forward to continuing to strive to achieve these goals throughout the rest of my internship. I am very much enjoying my internship and think that I am doing a successful job helping out where I am needed. I have had trouble figuring out how to perform a few tasks, however when I reach an obstacle I know that there are many people I can go to in order to get help. This is the first internship I have had in a serious business environment and I believe that this is making me grow as a person. I am learning that although work can be fun, I am working for other clients so that their businesses prosper. This means that all work needs to be done to the absolute best of my ability. I can’t wait to continue this internship and can’t believe it’s already halfway done!

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