Halfway There #4

I can’t believe how quickly the summer is flying by- I am already writing my mid-way blog! Well, I am a little more than halfway through; this post is coming in a little late. As it’s time to re-assess my goals, I do believe they are still accurate and are on track to become accomplished. I would like to thank the ALA team for helping me with that. A few of my goals were to network and connect with the talented Roc employees, and having to conduct proper interviews definitely helped. Additionally, each Friday here is Intern Friday. This means that each week, a different guest speaker from the Roc team talks about themselves, their position, and their past experiences. This also helps in connecting with others.  On July 20th, I actually got to bond outside the office with my fellow interns and few Roc employees as we supported a client at the Mets game! As fun as this was, it was also a learning experience to help us interns out with a project we have been working on this summer. Still, a very cool work perk.

–I am still continuing my goal to work my hardest and leave a lasting impression in the office. I make sure to do each assignment I am given with precision and a creative eye. As time goes on, I believe that I get better and better at my job and am constantly learning more and more. For one, I am definitely more technologically savvy. I also train my brain to think in different ways. My goal is always to see or come up with something original, before anyone else. That’s something that I hope will help me throughout life.

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