Headed Down to Florida! Blog #1

This blog was written May 26th.

I have never left Michigan for more than a couple of weeks. other than hockey tournaments, family vacations or quick trips to cedar point, I have never wanted to leave Michigan. Michigan is my hoMe. Not only was I born and raised in Michigan, but during my years in Michigan I have fallen in love with the four seasons, the beautiful lakes, and truthfully, even the cold winters.

When looking for Internships to apply to this summer, I looked everywhere. I never wanted to leave Michigan but I knew that there were great opportunities outside the mitten. With that in mind, I leveraged the advice of my mentors and applied for sales and consulting jobs all around the United States. I spent hours upon hours searching for jobs to apply for companies that I felt would be a good fit. It was not until the career fair that I found Gartner. I had never heard of the company before, but since I was working in the IT department at UofM and wanted to go into Sales, Gartner’s huge “IT SALES” banner intrigued me. After speaking with a recruiter, I found some interest and handed her my resume. A few days later I received a call asking for an initial interview. A couple of weeks and two panel interviews later, I was offered the internship. The choice to leave Michigan and move to Florida for three months was tough. Michigan summer’s are my favorite. They are my happy place. However, I knew how great of an opportunity a Sales Internship at Gartner was and I could not pass it up.

Fast Forward to the middle of May, 2017, I was all packed up and ready for the 24 hour drive to Fort Myers, Florida. I knew they told me that it was hot and humid during the Summer in Florida, but wow, no matter what they tell you, it is WAY hotter and more humid than anyone can describe!

Anyways, the position I have this summer is a SMB Sales Intern at Gartner, the world’s largest IT research and advisory firm. I did not know exactly what my day to day job was going to be coming down here but I was excited and ready to start working! This is a fantastic opportunity as Gartner is a growth company that allows for quick growth. For example, the VP aligned to me was a entry level SMB Sales Executive six years ago. I have the opportunity to become a top performer out of the 109 other interns and possibly receive a full-time job offer for after Graduation.

I am excited and ready to go!

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