Internship Completion Reflection / Blog #6

This internship exposed me to the world of marketing and gave me a taste of what it’s like to work in the business world. This internship did not sway my path because I love the office dynamic and cannot picture myself pursuing a career where I would not be working in a stereotypical office building. The aspects that excite me the most are the data analysis and getting to know other employees in the office. I love the office in the morning when everyone catches up and grabs their coffee and bagels. The areas I need to develop to be successful in the role are the areas revolving around technology. Technology is extremely present in the business world and I did not know much besides the basic Microsoft Excel functions coming into the internship. There are many benefits to me continuing my technology education. I plan to achieve my goals through my remaining time at the University of Michigan by taking marketing classes, such as Marketing 310 and Marketing 313, through the Ross School of Business to receive my Certification in Sales and Marketing. Those classes will better prepare me for a business career in the future. In terms of extracurricular activities, I will be applying to MAM, Michigan Advertising & Marketing Club, in the fall to expose myself to marketing experience in Ann Arbor. Overall, this internship caused me to grow tremendously as a person and I am very glad that I did it for the summer.

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