Interview #1: The Dream Job

My first informational interview went amazing; I am so happy that I decided to reach out to this individual. The person that I met with currently has an internship at Boston Common Magazine. I know that a possible career path I am interested in is working at a magazine, so I thought it would be interesting to meet with someone that has experience with this job. Although this person is an intern and does not work there full time, I still thought she gave me a great amount of useful information. The most interesting idea I took away from this interview was that although it is hard work, the magazine business is a very exciting business to work in. Like I said, there is work that needs to be done; articles need to be written, photoshoots need to be conducted, and graphics need to be made. However, if you are an individual that enjoys the creative aspects of a magazine, as I do, the entire process is a lot of fun. Also, the person I interviewed said that there is nothing better than seeing a project she worked on be put on display in the completed magazine. For the remainder of my internship I will keep that last point in mind the most. I will work even harder to see my projects in completed form and commend myself for working so hard on them. In the future, I can definitely see myself working in the magazine industry and would love to have the opportunity to do so.

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  • July 31, 2017 at 12:48 pm

    While not as seasoned, your peers provide valuable perspective and future connections, never hesitate to reach out to them for info interviews!


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