Interview #2: Glamour

For my second interview I decided to interview someone with a job that I am curious about. This is why I interviewed someone that works at L’Oréal in New York. Everyone hears that the beauty and fashion industry may not be as glorious as they seem to be so I wanted to find out for myself because I am interested in working in that industry. The truth is, it is extremely glamorous. Although it is definitely a lot of work, this woman attends elaborate events with hundreds of celebrities, sends packages to the most elite, and has meetings with many household names. This does not mean, though, that she is not head over heels in her work. She works five days a week, nonstop. Even when she is not in the office, she is still working. L’Oréal is a company that she dreamed of working at from a young age, so for her it is the best job she could ever get. A few important lessons she taught me is to never underestimate myself because I am capable of anything I would like to achieve. This is a very important lesson for me because I have big dreams and often get down on myself and think they are not attainable; but this woman taught me to keep believing in myself no matter what. She also taught me that networking is extremely important. Whether this is someone I know personally or someone that may take an effort to reach out to and build a relationship with, I should always be building connections with people I may one day want to work with. I will take these lessons she taught me and apply them to my internship by working my hardest and making sure to meet new people around the office, not just in my department.

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