Journal #3 – Home Stretch

With the Big House Program beginning in a little less than two weeks, the project interns and I are beginning to finalize the locations and facilitators for the events. Recently, we have reached out to students around the Ann Arbor area who we thought wouldn’t mind volunteering for the duration of the program. Based on the amount of volunteers that are available for the program, the project interns and I can finally add a certain number of volunteers to each event, solidifying the schedule for the program.

The goal of the program is to offer resources to underprivileged students who excel academically but still need guidance through the college application process while getting a small taste of the college student experience. This year for the first part of the program, we are emphasizing the common application as well as the essays that Michigan requires for their own application. Spread out throughout part one there are multiple essay workshops where students are able to brainstorm and work on their essays while getting help from grad students, faculty, and workers from the Sweetland writing center.

Other than working on their essays and getting information from the financial aid and admissions offices on campus, we want to be able to create a community for these students where they can begin to adjust to Ann Arbor as well as reflect on the work that they have put in to have made it to this point regardless if they see themselves on this campus in the future.


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