My favorite experience as an intern #2


I have really enjoyed my entire experience as a D-SIP intern so far this summer, but my favorite part was Non-Profit 9-0, which happened the last weekend in June. Non-Profit 9-0 is a consulting project for a local non-profit. The 27 D-SIP interns were split into 6 teams and assigned either Ann Arbor Film Festival or Washtenaw Literacy as their “non-profit.” The 6 teams presented on the following Monday to a panel of judges who picked the winning team.


My team was assigned Ann Arbor Film Festival, which was a very interesting experience because I had heard about the film festival but did not know much about it. It was great learning more about experiential films. Ann Arbor Film Festival charged us with figuring out how they could convert alumni filmmakers into donors to the film festival. We came up with three tactics with three strategies for each of the tactics. Our best tactic was that we recommended that Ann Arbor Film Festival create an alumni sponsorship program, where alumni filmmakers would sponsor the entrance fees of those who could not pay it.


It was a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. It was great getting to know my teammates better. Because this was the first year that Non-Profit 9-0 had two nonprofits, the judges decided two pick two groups to win. My group actually ended up being picked as the winner for Ann Arbor Film Festival.

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