Overcoming Obstacles

I have certainly been faced with many obstacles throughout the internship thus far. I would say the main obstacle I faced was in regards to taking beer inventory throughout the whole stadium. This was not easy because there was a specific way in excel that my boss wanted me to insert the data with and there were so many stands offering beer. I knew I could do it; it was just a question of how I could make it look nice and just like the original document he sent me. To overcome this challenge I decided I would not get frustrated. This was on a game day so I made sure to gather the data before the fans got in the stadium. I took an empty excel sheet and wrote in it what types of beers were being served both can and on draft. Part of the challenge was locating certain stands, as I do not have the best grasp at the locations. Once I walked through the stadium once I went around again double-checking that my data was correct and headed to my office. Finally, I was able to insert the data in a fairly organized manner. Once it was inserted I simply asked my boss a couple questions when the game was over in regards to formatting excel and that certainly helped. I will admit that I did forget one stand, which made the process take longer, but this taught me not to get frustrated and to not be afraid to ask questions. At least now I know how to take this type of inventory in an easier manner and I am happy I was tasked with this challenge.

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