Post 5: Overcoming Obstacles

During this internship I made an error that I quickly learned from. When working as a probation officer, you are required to work a certain number of hours in the field. This means using a government car to drive around the district and complete tasks such as home visits to offenders and visits to offenders in treatment centers. I am assigned a mentor in the supervision unit. This unit specifically supervises those who are placed on supervised release after they serve their time in prison. I was assigned to go out in the field one morning and there is a certain dress code you must abide by because you are dealing with criminals. I was scheduled to go to court one morning and then I was to go in the field for the rest of the day after the hearing but I had forgot a change of clothes for after court. My supervisor planned her entire field day around taking me out with her and I missed out on an opportunity to go out in the field that day. I learned that I should always be prepared. After this happened, I made sure to always pack a spare change of clothes and since then I have been in the field 5 times.

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