Proceeding Forward | #3

I’ve been given the go ahead! After weeks of planning and research I talked to my P.I. and pitched my experimental question and protocol. Everything went well, and with a few adjustments to theories and methods I was given the go-ahead to proceed with my own set of experiments. This is a big deal for me, its been a goal of mine since I was introduced to the field of research and medicine to work on my own project with the ultimate goal to pursue an authorship on a paper in a journal. This is the first step in the direction, working towards this goal has taken countless hours but I am now in the position to fully achieve it. The past months have been spent learning, experiencing, networking and countless tedious changes. As I’m getting ready to proceed with my tests, I’m more excited than ever to continue my work and am thankful for the opportunity. I am now so much more independent and self-sufficient now than ever before; I’ve been given almost full autonomy over how I proceed, I have a new freedom I’ve never experienced before. I expect some growing pains and undoubtedly some experimental failures but I am looking forward to where this new path takes me

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