Real Life Experiences: Informational Interview #1

Within my time at Fabletics, I have met multiple influential people who have my aspiring job titles. I decided to sit down with one senior designer in particular to talk about his experience – but also to ask advice for my own path. I decided to interview the senior User Experience designer at Fabletics. I chose him because I hope to attain that job title sometime throughout my career. I started the talk about his experience and what led him to his current role. He discussed how he self-taught himself the tactics of UX/UI through Youtube tutorials. He also walked me how he designs a web page. He showed me the different tools – like Google Analytic and Sketch (a program where you design layout templates). He also showed me the process of testing different versions of a web design layout and how he has to use data to choose the most effective design.

I really enjoyed this interview. He inspired me a lot through hearing about his experiences and daily routines with User Experience design/interface. With the reminder of my internship, I am applying his learning through actually helping him design mobile PDP (product detail pages) for upcoming products for August. I will also use his words/experiences for my classes next year – and hope to even show my classmates how UX/UI works at a fashion company! I am so excited to get familiar with these different tools that will in turn help me to success!

One thought on “Real Life Experiences: Informational Interview #1

  • July 31, 2017 at 1:18 pm

    It sounds like you had a great internship – As someone who is also interested in UX/UI, I could not resist checking out Fabletic’s website. It looks good!


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