Taking Advantage of Opportunities | Informational Interview 2

My second interview was with one of the directors of responsible partnerships at a global company. It was really interesting to be able to hear how she worked her way up to her role through her education and experiences. We talked about what organizations she has been involved with, how she has networked in the past, and cool opportunities to take advantage of along my career path. She is both involved with philanthropy and sponsorship, and although both are completely different fields, she notes how both tend to cross over all the time. She utilizes her skills from sponsorship to organizing philanthropy events and vice-versa. I learned that in order to work your way up, you have to be willing to commit yourself to even the smallest of tasks and go above and beyond to reach the best results. She explained how important it is to get involved with the meaningful opportunities and to drop things that I am not passionate about or that I am not getting the most out of. She also told me how important it is to love what you do, because the more you are passionate about something, the harder you will push yourself to your best potential. It was amazing hearing about all the different parts of her life that led her to where she is now, and how she is continuing to learn, grow, and push herself and her position even further. I will definitely take what she told me and apply it not only to my schoolwork and internships, but also to the rest of my life.

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