Two Weeks To Go

Two more weeks until the Big House Program.

The Big House Program (BHP) is an outreach program that assists first generation and underrepresented students in their admissions process and collegiate transition to the University of Michigan. BHP is a three part program with part 1 taking place from Sunday, August 6-Wednesday August 9. The focus of part of BHP is to introduce 36 rising high school seniors to UM resources, to bridge the divide between these students of color, and to aggressively work towards the completion of their application to UM.

I am the lead logistical person in planning part 1 of the program. The nerves are definitely setting in. I have meetings every day for the next two weeks to make sure every part of the program goes smoothly.

Things to do include volunteer training, planning of some resource activities, working on transitioning from one activity to the next, communication with the students about their arrival, etc. The nerves are definitely setting in and I cannot believe how quick it has come.

I have worked on this part all summer, overthinking every aspect of it, getting advice/recommendations to make the program better. And it is all happening now. I have to take action now and get stuff done as soon as I possibly can, but I have many other responsibilities as well. The committee that has been working with me has been very supportive with taking some of the load off, but the rest of the work has to be done by the lead.

I am thankful for getting the opportunity to take lead on an initiative I am so passionate about. Throughout the summer I have been developing many leadership and professional skills going into my second year at UM.

Back to Work,


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