What Do I Do #5

Although I very much enjoy the work I am doing at my internship, there has been one time when I was faced with a difficult challenge and had to figure out how to overcome it. During the first week of my internship I was asked to create a media clipping for ten different articles. I had heard of media clipping before, but did not know how to make one nor did I know exactly how the company likes theirs formatted. Normally I would go to my boss, but unfortunately, she was not in the office that day. This was only the third day of my internship so at that point she was really the only person I knew in the office. I am not the most outgoing person so it took me a few minutes to gather myself and figure out who to ask about my issue. I remembered a girl I met on the first day who said she had been working at the office for a few years now and I should feel free to ask her if I ever needed help. I walked over to her office and explained my situation to her. This was a big step in getting out of my comfort zone and getting to know other people in the office. She was happy to help me and even sat with me while I created a few of the media clippings because she realized I did not have the process down pat after the first time she showed me. This experience taught me to never be afraid to ask other people for help, especially in an office because everyone is looking out for each other’s best interests in order for the company to succeed.

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