What It Means-Blog Post #2

In the picture that I have attached on this blog post defines Cradles to Crayons. I am putting a bag of clothes inside a yellow rolling bin. These are the kind of bags that the Giving Factory receives from people. Every time we have a volunteer group, we always have a good amount of donations come in through the door. We always say to our volunteers that the warehouse cannot run without the number of volunteers and the number of donations that we receive. Because it is a warehouse, there are dock doors, and we have received a large order of pallets of diapers. Similarly, whenever we receive a large amount of donations of just clothes and toys, we usually open a dock door and put those donations inside the yellow rolling bins. The day of the picture was one of the days that I worked a volunteer shift meaning that a group of people came to the warehouse to make either packs of clothes or toys that day. We follow the same routine most days where we receive donations, we have deliveries, we have volunteers, and we partner organizations pick up.

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