Who I Am #3

Who I am as a person affects my everyday life, especially in this internship. At Regan, I am working under my supervisor who runs the PR for the clients who are banks and construction companies. I believe that the part of me that affects this internship the most is my age. I am the youngest intern in the office and I think that this is to my advantage. Because I am working with banks and construction companies they are used to everything being very business oriented and straight to the point. With a younger intern like me, I am able to enhance their PR to interest younger audiences and clients. Many people in the world today say that younger people, or “millennials,” are the problem however I believe that my age is an advantage at my internship. Another aspect of my identity that I see being highlighted here is my love of photography. I love to take photos in my free time and have recently been taking photography more seriously, but was not expecting anything to do with that in my internship. However, it turns out that I am needed to take photos at many events that I attend. I am extremely happy about this because it allows me to further enjoy the work that I am doing.

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