Workplace Culture #2

As I have begun my work at Regan Communications, I have realized that the workplace culture is one that I enjoy and admire. To me, workplace culture means how the employees interact with each other while working and how the environment also affects this. Workplace culture should always be positive and should always strive to include everyone while getting work completed successfully. My employer has similar opinions. She believes that in order to have a successful company and a successful office, all of the employees need to try their hardest to work together and get along. As soon as disputes begin, obstacles come about. However, disagreements happen and that is okay. What speaks to the company and their workplace culture, though, is how these disagreements are handled. Everything should be said and done in a respectful manner because everyone’s end goal is the same: for the company to strive. For an ideal work culture, I would say it would be in an office that is welcoming and visually pleasing to be in. I believe that it helps a lot to be in an interesting workspace rather than an office with grey walls and no pictures. For me to grow as a professional and as an individual, it is also important for me to get to know my co-workers well; whether that means working with them on a project or going out to lunch, a strong relationship with co-workers leads to the best teamwork.

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