Blog 2: Work Culture

The cultural work environment at Salesforce is well-known as the “Ohana,” which means family.  To go beyond being a company that sells software, our CEO embraces this Ohana to transform the way businesses do business.  By involving philanthropy and encouraging a culture of transparency, equality, family, innovation, and trust, Salesforce fosters an environment that is welcoming and responsible for helping the world around us.

For me, this work culture is what has embraced me with open arms and welcomed me onto teams and treated me as colleague.  Work culture to me is what creates the vibe in an office between employers, but also lays the foundation for the type of relationship we hold with customers.  At Salesforce, customer success is a huge priority, and I believe our Ohana culture is what allows our customers to trust and invest in our company.

My growth as a professional is very influenced by the culture I am surrounded by.  The respect, equality, and drive towards innovation has guided me in becoming a professional that is confident and transparent.  I believe it is very important to enjoy and appreciate the work culture of your company, as it can have profound impacts on its employees and customers.  The Salesforce Ohana is welcoming and wants each and every person a part of it to succeed.  #SalesforceOhana

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  • July 25, 2017 at 6:06 pm

    Reminds me of Lilo and Stich haha. Awesome that you get to be around such an encouraging and happy work culture though!


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