Blog 4 – Challenges

Ever since I started my internship here at ACI, I have been the facilitator for the analysis of a research project focused on youth’s knowledge, attitudes and behaviors surrounding sexual and reproductive health. This experience has been both challenging and educational.
I have realized the difficulties of not only teaching data analysis to a team, but also empowering them to use the software to analyse their own data and eventually turn it into evidence based programs. It would be possible for me to do all of the analysis, but then the team would not know how to do it all next time. Also, they are the one’s who know their objectives and goals the best. They are the one’s who know the local context and they are the one’s who will be implementing the programs later on. So for me it was a balance between getting as much work done so that they can move forward, and also making sure that they know and are capable of doing the same work themselves.
I have also learned the benefits of having a close relationship with a supervisor or having a work partner to work through challenges together. Whenever I would have a problem or question, it would be solves 20 times faster if I could just discuss it with someone on the team.
It was amazing to have this opportunity to be able to share my knowledge, and give them a better basis for continuing their analysis. It is too bad that I won’t be here to see their final analysis. Once they are done they are going to invite all NGOs and IGOs that work within this field to come and participate in a meeting where they share the results and next steps. The same goes for the creation of a strategic analysis to decrease stigmatization and discrimination within the LGBTQ community. I will be missing the final stages of that as well.
I have come to realize how slow development is and how it takes patience and perseverance. Despite all the setbacks and difficulties, it is important to never lose site of the end goals.

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