Blog #5 | Overcoming Obstacles | Jared Wangler

Now I am going to share the biggest obstacle I faced which actually landed me in some money trouble. One of the things we do at The Valiant Brand is create Rush T’Shirts for some fraternities at the University of Michigan. The T’Shirts are ordered by the fraternity and are worn for the majority of welcome week. Almost everyone in the fraternity wears the shirt, therefore they are a big deal to them. It’s a pretty simple process. The fraternity will mock up a design that they want, choose a color scheme, send me the sizes and quantity, and I will send them in to be ordered.

Pi Kappa Alpha submitted to me two designs. The first design was to be put on the front of the T’Shirt, and the second design on the back. When I submitted the artwork to be printed onto the shirts, I accidentally submitted the wrong design for the front and wrong design for the back. Since the designs were reversed, the shirts were no good to the fraternity. I overcame this obstacle by selling them the bad batch at a lower cost, with a proposal that they could sell the bad batch to girls on campus at tailgates. They accepted that proposal and a new order was sent in with the designs on the right sides of the shirts. It ended up not being a total disaster, but definitely a huge head ache for myself and my co-workers.


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