Blog 5-The City’s 180

Last Week, there was a wave of joy throughout the city of Highland Park, Michigan. Not only did the city’s officials (Yvette Robinson-Director of Community and Economic Development and Mayor. Yopp) announce the return the of the building department, there was a sense of community instilled back into the residents of the city! This return will pave the way for a lot of rehabilitation and development to return to a city who has been victimized by crime and poverty for far too long. This announcement was broadcasted by Channel 4 News, and I was blessed with the opportunity to sit in on the entire conference. As a result, as I was leaving the meeting, I noticed several residents barbecuing and playing music in a nearby vacant lot in celebration for the department’s return.  The next, I remember talking to the people who work for the city, who I intern under. I vivid recall the joyful expressions on their faces when they talked about the building department’s return. They began telling me how long they have been anticipating their return, and how much it would benefit the overall function of the city. A huge reason behind their joy stemmed from the fact that a lot of the workers are residents of the city itself.

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