Blog #6 | Academics | Jared Wangler

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My internship is coming to an end and I could not be happier with the direction it went. I plan to continue working with The Valiant Brand even after this summer concludes because I whole heartedly believe that this brand will continue to rise and do well in not only the Michigan community, but the entire clothing brand market as a whole.

I am entering my senior year, which means I only have a limited amount of credits to take as an undergraduate student. I am currently a psychology major with a sales and marketing certificate in the Ross School of Business and a Entrepreneurship minor in LSA. After getting my feet wet in the sales apparel industry, I want to continue my academic career in the Masters of Management graduate program through the Ross School of Business. I will be applying for this program with the confidence that it will only further sharpen my tools and better prepare me for the real world in making sales. After working with Valiant, I have realized that the biggest thing no matter what is to make the sale. After graduate school, whether I am still working with Valiant or want to continue with another sports apparel brand, I know my academic experience at the University of Michigan will have played a big role in my career.


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