Blog: Informational Interview 2

The second individual I interviewed was someone who works in a different industry than the one I am interested in but their job duties are what I have always been interested in, Sales. This person has been working within sales for the last thirteen years.

The reason I wanted to talk to him was his longevity in the position and his experiences traveling the United States as part of his job. He has traveled all across the United States, particularly the southern areas, due to his job and I was asking him the challenges and benefits that come with that travel. He did tell me it he did not get to get to know the cities too well because he was only there briefly but to the cities he traveled consistently too like Houston, he did get to know the city pretty decently. He did mentioned how there were some cities that were so amazing he almost moved there, one of them was Seattle.

We also talked about different selling strategies. He mentioned how everyone has their own thing, some people are very charismatic and other, like himself, are very straightforward seller. They cut to the chase and do not really mess around when it comes to their deals. In his case it is what has obtained his the greatest success because his clients appreciate his straight-forward attitude.

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