Blog Post #3: Update on my research

My last blog post talked largely about what my favorite experiment was. I mentioned that it the Western Blot technique was my favorite thing to do in the lab. The reasons are stated in my last blog post, but for this one i want to focus mainly on the Journey I took to get to that conclusion. I feel this is necessary because I recently received the results fr my latest Western Blot which i’m pretty proud about. So, In the beginning of the summer I learned Western Blot one from my mentor. I took careful notes and made sure to not miss interpret any instructions that he gave. About a week later he asked me do a Western Blot on my own. So of course I feel OK an=bout doing a Western Blot all by myself. However, in the lab experiments rarely are that straight forward. Each experiment is custom to the materials used or the source of materials. So I ran into some problems and had to ask my mentor as well as some of my lab peers for help. they had no problem with this, but it did make me feel less independent in the lab. Throughout the rest of the experiment i did not feel confident in what I was doing. I was following my notes almost exactly and when the experiment was over and the results came back we didn’t see any sign of protein (meaning something went wrong with the procedure). This happened two more times, I could not properly do a Western Blot for about three weeks. It was frustrating because those experiments are a day long process and to do that all for nothing felt like the biggest waste of time.

The most recent Western Blot however was a success and i got all the protein to show on the membrane. this was a big step for me because after weeks of failure, I had finally conducted  a proper western blot. i feel like I know it the best now mainly because of how many times I failed the process. It also serves as a good motivator because even though you fail once, twice, or three times, if you keep on trying and don’t give up you’ll eventually succeed. i only hope this attitude stays with me when the school years begins lol.

Below are the results of my most recent western blot. One is of the print out with all the annotations and the second is the raw image.

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  • August 7, 2017 at 2:03 pm

    Thank you for sharing the results with us!


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