Blog Post #4: Most surprising thing!

I don’t this blog would be complete without mentioning the most surprising thing. We recently had an office durian party in celebration of a new recreation committee. Here, employees celebrated with eating many varieties of durian, a local fruit from Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia. This local phenomenon is very interesting because for almost every foreigner, the fruit both is aesthetically unappealing and smells horrid. Not to mention it tastes like a sour mango.

However, among locals this fruit is cherished as the national fruit. It was interesting to see that the interns, including myself, could not stand the smell and had to leave the party a little early because we were feeling nausea. Also, I would like to mention that because of the smell, it is banned on the MRT (metro train), and many office buildings and even our residence, the YMCA. For more information on durian, here is the basic Wikipedia description.

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