Connecting your studies #6

Going into this internship I did not know much about what type of career I wanted. I know that I am interested in communications, the media, fashion and celebrity news. What I did not know is which part of “communications” I would be best at: marketing, PR, production etc. There are so many different fields that I can go into and I think that is a great thing. I think at this age, it is important to play around in as many different fields as possible while you can. I didn’t expect to come out of this internship knowing exactly what I wanted to do for the next 40+ years. I just wanted to enjoy and explore different fields and especially have fun with what I did. I loved being part of a fashion community as well as some of the tasks in the marketing field. What I need to do back in Michigan is take a few more marketing classes in order to better understand the field and determine whether it is best for me. As for next summer, I don’t think I want to stay in the marketing field. I want to try something new because as you get older it is not so easy to keep switching job titles yet that is what summer internships are all about. I am excited to continue to be open minded and I will not let the pressure of choosing ONE career path get in my way. I am eager to learn and take what I have already learned into reaching my goal towards the perfect dream job! Each summer I feel a little bit more prepared to enter the real world but for now, I think I would like to stay in college forever!

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