Exciting connections

It’s been a few weeks into work and I still feel excited to go to work. I always look at my parents and notice how Mondays are a struggle because that means you have to get back to work. I’ve been waiting for that feeling to kick in, but it hasn’t so far yet. So this Monday morning, I wondered why do I feel this way and will that feeling of excitement go away?

I realized that I found something that pulls me to go to work everyday. Every Monday morning, I look forward to walking into Start Garden at 9am and having the team meeting and getting to know what everyone this weekend. Through this internship, I forged friendships with my coworkers and time spent with them is priceless. I’ve gained perspective on how how work life is when you’re older and most of all, I’ve gained confidence that one day I can be like my heroes at Start Garden.

Coming into this internship, I never thought that I would have gained such a powerful network of amazing and inspiring individuals. They’ve taught me to ask questions confidently, and never shy away from an opportunity to get to know someone.

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