Future Path | #6

While I am very grateful for the experiences that this summer’s internship has provided me with, I am also appreciative for the realizations I have come to face regarding my future career path.   After working in Public Relations this summer, I realized it was not the industry that I want to continue to work in.  However, I still plan to complete the communications’ major and hope to continue exploring the field.


I specifically realized Public Relations was not the path for me when I learned more in depth about the work that the the employers at Berk Communications complete on a daily basis. A majority of their work is done behind the desk or at a computer, and I prefer to enter a field or industry that is more hands on.


Since I have come to this realization, I have been browsing other industries that I believe would be a good fit for me.  For example, I have been in touch with a contact in the hospitality industry that I will touch more upon during my interventional interview.  I think this would be an industry that I could blossom in, specifically because I am very interested in hotels, restaurants, etc.

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