Informational Interview #2

This interview I chose to connect with a Michigan Alum who graduated undergrad in 2015 and then graduated her master’s program from the Ross Business school in 2016. What I have found is that she is also the same double majors as me; communications and psychology. As the conversation started, we began with catching up about the campus, the mutual friends we have, and then just some great stories that both of us have experienced while at Michigan. We then proceeded onto talking about her path since graduation as she currently works as a recruiter for Bridgewater Associates. When she was in school, she wasn’t exactly sure what exactly it was that she wanted to do but she knew she wanted to be successful and make money. In 2016 when she graduated from the Ross program, she was set up with a sales position at Oracle in Boston. At first she was very excited about having a plan once she graduated however once she got there she soon realized it wasn’t for her. She continued to work while interviewing at various other companies trying to get a new opportunity maybe even one in New York so she’s closer to home. After many interviews and a long process, she found herself being offered a position at Bridgewater. She started the first week of June and so far loves it.

This interview was vital to me because it showed me that you don’t need to know exactly what you want to do when you graduate. It also showed me that if I do end up at a place or position that isn’t right for me, not to allow myself to get pigeon holed there but to expand my horizons and look for different opportunities.

The graduate program she enrolled in her fifth year is a program that I am looking into for myself and if it is something I end up wanting to pursue, I will be using her as a reference and connection.

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