Informational Interview 2

For one of my informational interviews, I chose to interview a social worker who works at my geriatrics office. I chose to connect with her because her college experience is similar to my college experience. The person I interviewed attended a different college than UM, but like me, she was initially on the premed track. She decided to major in public administration with an emphasis in health after discovering she hated her math and science classes. This reminded me of myself because I decided to major in economics and English last year (with a plan to get an MHA in the future) when I didn’t like my science classes as much as I thought I would. After working in health administration for a few years, the person I interviewed went back to school and eventually decided to become a social worker. After having a couple of jobs with children and teenagers, she decided to work with the geriatrics population because it is something that pushes her to work outside of her comfort zone.

Her role in geriatrics combines the administrative aspects she liked and the clinical aspects that initially drew her to becoming premed. I could tell her work in geriatrics is something she cares about deeply. Although I hadn’t thought about careers in social work since I am mainly interested in the administrative aspects of health care, it was interesting to learn more about social work and about someone’s process to finding a career path that interests them.

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