Informational Interview #2 | Jared Wangler

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Recently I reached out to one of my former teammates who now works on Wall Street and is doing very well for himself at a young age. We were pretty close while we played together, never really discussing much about business. As he has progressed in his professional career, I have been very intrigued by his success. I recently face-timed him to catch up and connect over business. I wanted to learn more about what he does as a trader, even though it has nothing to do with the career path I am leaning towards.

He had great knowledge to share with me. We discussed everything from the stock market to banking to clothing apparel to real estate. It was all business, but from an insider perspective in the stock market. I learned about what it takes to be very successful right out of college. The motivation it takes combined with the attitude that nothing can stop you from achieving your goals (even something like a rare form of cancer which he overcame).

I will apply the mentality he imparted with me on my everyday life, because he is someone who I truly look up to in the business and in life. I will attack each task I have with confidence like none other, because that is how I know I will become successful.


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