Last Days with the Cohort (post 5)

This is my final week with my cohort for the summer. The summer has gone by so fast! I will be quite sad to see everyone go but we’ve already started planning trips to visit each other. On Friday we will be having a symposium for all of our scientific research posters. After a work day my research mentor helped me with edits and now my poster is ready to go. I now need to work on my presentation for it so I can answer everyone’s questions. I am a little nervous for the presentation, but hopefully everything turns out fine. The symposium is supposed to be a kind of celebration of the work we did over the summer. There will be a guest speaker and everything!  

This week in the field we have continued measuring lettuce growth and herbivory in one of the research plots. This task is quite physically demanding and tedious, but we do it so that the PhD student can analyze differences in plant success in monoculture plots versus diculture plots.

Our cohort has been meeting for seminars and professional development as well. This week we worked on resumes and personal statements. This has been very helpful for thinking about graduate school and job applications. I finally feel really confidant about my resume for the first time in years.

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