Living on a Prayer | #6

We’re halfway there! Besides song wordplay, I’m now more than halfway in my 2-month long internship here in Manhattan, and it’s been a really unique and eye-opening experience. Besides the expected differences you would have living in the city versus a smaller town like Ann Arbor, work has also varied from challenging to informative. Even downtime at work is usually more productive for me due to reading relevant news articles on websites like Bloomberg, WSJ and NYTimes. However, the challenging part is more interesting, and personally, more relevant to me improving as an employee and a leader.

I’ve already mentioned some difficulty with some of the routine tasks I now do automatically, but those haven’t been the biggest challenge for me yet. That title would go to a research write-up that we had to finish in roughly 2 hours, with my fellow intern Maria. Concerning a payment services system in Africa, the two of us had to find and read reports, compile data, combine that with existing research from the internet and a source by someone on the trade floor. Adding to that, the final product involved us writing up pages of commentary to explain all of these concepts and operation caveats and endless other details for a client that was interested in a company in a market. I found this small project exceptionally challenging due to the time crunch, as well as having to learn about a widespread product in a region I knew nothing about. We eventually hammered out a rough yet able product, and got feedback that our small report was very useful. I learned that co-operation combined with some fundamental skills can go a long way in an imposing task such as this, and we managed to do a good job in such a short timeframe.

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