More than meets the eye: weeks #4 and #5 at Martineau Leonard

Going into this internship I didn’t really think I would ever actually have an interest in personal injury. The entire reason I was drawn to law was to be able to help a population of people who are afraid in this country because they do not speak the language, they were not born here, or simply because they look different. Immigrants make up such a huge portion of our country, and contribute so much only to be treated like animals by the majority and our government. My focus was going to be immigration law because that is the way that I knew I would be able to help this growing community.

Well, after being at the firm for over a month I have realized that the only issues that immigrants face are not immigration issues but the everyday things we take for granted. While working in personal injury I have heard many cases where someone was too afraid to call the police because of their or a family member’s legal status. While a huge and important aspect, PI is not simply about getting the money to these low income families but making them feel safe and protected through the process. Accidents happen, and if getting into one isn’t bad enough, one should not feeling like being in the presence of police or the law is threatening or scary.

I observe the relationship that the attorneys have with the clients. The simple notion that they can come in and speak to us in Spanish already brings a client some calm and peace of mind. We help them schedule doctor appointments because of the language barrier, and check on them often to assure they are doing well. Giving Latino clients the feeling that they are finally in a place where they are protected, safe, and have their best interest in mind is ultimately what I want to do with a law career. I underestimated the impact that a legal field can have if you truly make it your own.

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