People I’ve Met Along the Way | blog 3

My favorite part of this internship is all the new people I have met this summer.I have been lucky enough to live in the George Washington University dorms with a large group of other Michigan students interning in D.C.. This has had a huge positive influence on my experiences of the city I’m living and working in outside of my internship. We have spent countless weekends exploring the abundant variety of museums that D.C. has to offer, each one entirely unique onto itself.  Luckily, our dorm is in close proximity to the national mall so we have been able to adventure out and view the monuments at all different times of night day, each perspective breathtaking and magnificent. I have loved being able to live with fellow Michigan students, who share my passion for politics and desire to play a role in them, and forging new friendships along the way.

Additionally, the people I intern with are unique and interesting individuals who come from diverse backgrounds and are at varying points in their education. We all hail from different areas of the country, some even from other countries, which in itself brings a variety of point of views to the work place environment. Add the fact that we attend a wide range of universities, and some are in undergraduate level classes while others are attaining graduate degrees, and the educational spectrum is large enough to give us plenty to learn from each other. The advice I have received this summer from my fellow interns alone has been invaluable in my work this summer. To have open debates on American politics with some people who are native to other countries has opened my eyes in ways the classroom never has. This speaks to the importance of diversity in the workplace and classrooms, as an important aspect in enriching our experiences.


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