Thats a wrap! |#5

Our research is all done! Well, the field work is finished but we will have lots of data analysis in the fall and my mentor will start to compose her thesis. I am so thankful for this experience and cannot wait to share what I have learned with my friends and family at home. It will also be awesome to see how the things I learned this summer fit into my school schedule in the fall. There is so much I took away from this summer that I’m not sure I would have had in a classroom setting. For example, I have had many team projects at school but nothing that comes into comparison of what it is like to work as a team in the field. Working with others for three months day in and out really helps one get to know others and identify your own strengths and weaknesses. I also feel my problem solving skills improved immensely this summer as getting to our field site everyday held some kind of surprise. Lizards would find ways to escape our farming plots and small mammals would find their way into where our crops were planted. It was like a game everyday at our site to find and solve any problem that could disrupt our work.

I am really going to miss Greece and the people I have met and grown close with here. Everyone is so kind and the landscape is beautiful. Seeing my family and friends is what is making me okay with traveling home, but I know after a bit I will be longing to come back. Someday, I’m sure I will.

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