Training | #1

I’ll be interning at DTE in Detroit. My internship involves a variety of things revolving around the meter move out program. The meter move out program involves replacing everyone’s meter in the city of Detroit and giving them a new meter. Additionally, the meter will be relocated from the back of customers homes to the front. Honestly, I was not interested in interning here when I first heard about it. However, after hearing about all of the opportunities they offer, I couldn’t help but become involved with a company that does so much to contribute to the company. I did not previously know about the number of programs DTE has for people of Detroit like giveaways, programs for previously incarcerated individuals, and kids. In fact, it was nice to see people from DTE hosting events like basketball games for kids to play in while serving water.

My hopes for this internship is to gain management schools and to utilize my time efficiently while making connections that can help me in the near future. Additionally, I’m hoping that I can learn skills that will help me in the long run as an adult. I believe that working 8 hours a day and managing my other responsibilities will really welcome me into real adulthood. All of the people at my training allowed me to see the vast amount of opportunities I can take advantage of and I hope I will be a great asset to the company. So much of an asset that I receive opportunities to go further into the company if I wish to do so.

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