Blog Post 5: When you finish your internship, take a moment to reflect on the impact of the experience.

The end of my internship in the Ecuadorian forest has sadly and quickly come to an end. I had a fun and informative time here in this beautiful part of the world. My internship focused on studying the species in the reserve in order to get information that could help protect and identify the species. The forest there were in bad shape and most places that do remain have been selectively logged. I was surprised and almost disillusioned when I learned the state of the forests there and around the world. The land is also used for farming and livestock, which has a limited time of fertility because of the poor soil quality in that area. I have become almost distressingly conscience of all the paper products I use. Just looking at paper or cardboard makes me wonder of the source or harvest practice from which it was derived and I think I almost feel a pang in my heart. Eating meat has also become a source of contention for me (I had never dreamed in my life I would even consider transitioning into one of those “crazy” vegetarians). Once I reached the states, my dad grilled out and I ate the food and I didn’t enjoy it like I used to. After this experience, I can’t help but wonder whether we are living in an age of destruction and irresponsibility beyond the imagination of people that lived before in past generations.

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  • July 27, 2017 at 3:35 pm

    Raul, although your realizations were rather sobering, I’m sure you will bring back a new perspective to the US. Until I took some environment classes, I had never heard of how destructive meat-eating was in comparison to the transportation sector, and didn’t really take time to think about how far we are removed from where our food and other resources come from. 🙁 Do you think this experience has shaped what you would like to learn or do next?


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