A Guide to Food at Work

  1. It is okay to go out to eat sometimes. This is an effective way to build relationships with your coworkers, and maybe even your boss.
  2. But, more often than not, pack a lunch. Packing a lunch saves lots of money if you’re willing to plan out your meals. Also, you’re never late coming back from your lunch break. It’s easy to get caught talking at Starbucks, or just to get stuck in traffic. If you never leave the office, you’ll always be on time.
  3. If you follow rule #2, pack a healthy lunch! It forces you to eat the food you pack for yourself, because that’s all that’s there. Sure, you can go out to eat and get healthy food. But if you go to Panera to buy a salad, the mac n cheese is always tempting.
  4. Don’t bring food that takes a long time to make. Lunch breaks aren’t long, and you can save that food for dinner.
  5. Don’t bring food that has a strong smell. Remember you are in public place, and not everyone might like what you like.
  6. If you’re hungry at a time other than lunch, it’s generally okay to snack. At first, I was afraid to eat any time other than lunch. As I got used to the environment I worked in, though, I realized it was much better to have a snack and not be hangry.
  7. Don’t use the disposable items available at work to eat with. Yes, it is easier and oh so tempting to use a paper plate and plastic silverware. But, odds are you have reusable items available to use if you’re willing to clean them. Every person has the ability to make a difference, and our environment matters.
  8. ALWAYS make the coffee.

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