ALA 225 Blog 6

Internship this summer definitely helps me confirm my future career path. Before the internship, I wasn’t sure whether I could be a programmer in the future, because I didn’t have great interested in computer science course at school, and I never understood the useful meaning behind this job. The internship helped me develop a better understanding of the value of being programmer. I could never imagine that I could use my coding skill to provide others some service, and make people’s lives more convenient. I could never forget the excitement of witnessing my work get deployed, and thousands of people were actually using it. I’m excited to see that programmers are serving people behind the scenes, and their works are important to this rapid developing world with internet and high-tech.

In considering my next steps, first of all, I have stronger desire to gain more knowledge and experience about programming. I will definitely take school work more seriously, and try to master as much skills as I could. I plan to join more community for computer science students, to learn from other’s experiences. UofM provides a lot of opportunity to gain more experience as a programmer, I hope that I could find a part-time job that is related to programming during the school year.

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