Ann Arbor in the Summer | #2

Just like all Wolverines, I love Ann Arbor! From the beautiful parks and trails in the Arb to the eclectic shops and restaurants on Main Street, it’s easy to see how Ann Arbor is named the best college town year after year. While I enjoyed the energy that students bring here during the school year, I was excited to experience Ann Arbor in the summer.


One thing that continues to amaze me is how different Ann Arbor is during the summer than the school year. Of course, part of this is due to the significant reduction of the student population. I thought Ann Arbor would feel empty with fewer students. However, with all of the summer events happening, it is pleasantly filled with locals emerging and adding new character to the city. I have also found how nice it is to be in Ann Arbor without being bogged down by school work or stressed about exams. Without the time commitment of classes and studying, I have been able to fully enjoy and explore the city. Living in Ann Arbor this summer has allowed me to see the city from the perspective of a local, showing me how the traditions of the University combine with local flair to make Ann Arbor a uniquely wonderful city.


Just like during the school year, there is so much to do in Ann Arbor during the summer. My friends and I try to go to the farmers market each Saturday morning and support the local farming community. At the Taste of Ann Arbor, we got to sample food from different restaurants, helping me discover my new favorite restaurant. When the Cinetopia Film Festival came to the Michigan Theater, I volunteered and saw some incredible independent and foreign films. The Ann Arbor Summer Festival was so much fun! During the month-long festival, there was something new happening almost every night of the week. We saw movies on the lawn by the Bell Tower, went to outdoor concerts on the Rackham Building Steps, and ate food from local food trucks. The Ann Arbor Art Fair brought thousands of people to our city and out onto the streets, despite it being the hottest and most humid weekend of the summer. I had heard that the Art Fair was really big, but I never expected it to be as massive as it was. The entire city shut down for it! All of the roads were closed, lined with artists’ booths and flooded with people. It was so great to see so many people come and appreciate a variety of art and enjoy the city that made it all happen. Summers in Ann Arbor make it easy to get out of the house and impossible to feel bored.

As you can see, I have been having the best summer! I feel so fortunate to get to spend this summer in Ann Arbor, and I will continue to make the most of every last moment.

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